Bridging the Gap Between Advisors and Clients

Who We Are

We are your partner in accessing focused wealth management investment strategies.

Knightbridge Capital (KbC) is an investment advisory firm providing solutions designed specifically for financial planners and wealth managers to deliver robust, cost effective results for their clients.

Through risk conscious investment management in conjunction with high-level access, transparency and customization in a cost effective deliverable, Knightbridge Capital offers a sizable value proposition to our clients.

Our Strengths

Our strategies offer complete asset allocation based on our unique approach to portfolio construction enhanced by:

  • Robust Portfolio Management Solutions
  • Cost Sensitive Management Ideology
  • Direct Access to the Portfolio Management Team
  • Transparent & Straightforward Fee Structure
  • Collaborative Approach to Portfolio Design

Our Composite Approach to Equity 

and Fixed Income Analysis

We embrace various methods of investment analysis.

Quantitative Analysis
  • Proprietary models optimize asset allocation expressions based on Super Cycle phase indicators
Technical Analysis
  • Indication of supply and demand forces in the markets that may identify near-term flash points of risk or opportunity